Learn German – German Business Seminar

Need to improve specialized language skills, for example, giving presentations or telephoning?


… then our Business Seminars are the perfect solution for you!


Perhaps you have a presentation in German coming up or would like to better communicate over the telephone, or possibly you just want to improve your socializing skills. For every case, our business seminars give you the opportunity to improve unique skills in small groups or individually. We offer a wide variety of interesting topics which are suitable for beginners and advanced learners. Please have a look below for course details and feel free to participate in our free online placement test by clicking here or on the button to the left. Our friendly service team is also available for all your inquiries.

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German Course Benefits:

  • Focus on specialized language skills
  • Quick results in a short period of time
  • Small groups or one-to-one training

German Course Details (Basic Modules):

Basic Modules Level Price and Dates
Business Correspondence 2A upon request
Socializing across Cultures 2A upon request
Telephoning 2A upon request
Meetings 2B upon request
Negotiations 2B upon request
Presentations 2B upon request

German Course Details (Advanced Modules):

Advanced Modul Level Preis und Termin
Business Correspondence 2B 2B upon request
Negotiating 2B 2B upon request
Socializing across Cultures 2B 2B upon request
Telephoning 2B 2B upon request
Finance 3A 3A upon request
Human Resources 3A 3A upon request
Managing successful Meetings 3A 3A upon request
Presentations 3A 3A upon request
Real Estate 3A 3A upon request
Travel and Tourism 3A 3A upon request

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