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Hear Better = Speak Better!

Listening is the key to language. If you change the way you hear the language you naturally subconsciously change the way you pronounce it.

The way a person hears a language depends on the native language. Every language is different according to its own dominant frequencies:


The frequency for English (GB), for example, lies between 2000Hz and 12000 Hz, for German on the other hand between 125Hz and 3000 Hz.

The SpeedLingua process enables you to adapt your voice to the dominating frequencies of the target language.

The student practises his pronunciation by repeating specially selected words and sentences. These sentences are spoken by a native speaker of the chosen language.

When the student repeats what he hears, his own voice is modulated in realtime and adapted to the dominating frequencies of the target language. When he hears his own, newly modulated voice, he can therefore understand the words better, leading to a considerable improvement of his pronunciation and comprehension.

In the first session, an audio version is created as a listening and speaking test; after half of the sessions there is a second such test and one final test at the end of the programme. The student can therefore check what progress he has made in the regular practice sessions.




Technical Requirements:
USb-Headset ( Headphone + microphone) necessary

Windows XP, Vista 7, Mac OS 10.6 or higher
Firefox Version 7.01 or higher, Adobe-Flash 9.0 or higher

Pc: Pentium III, 450 MHz, Ram 256 Mb (depending on the operating system) Harddisk 1 GB
Mac: Intel-Prozessor (no Power Pc-Prozessor)



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